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Dave Crenshaw

Conquer Small Business Chaos! Dave will INVOLVE your audience like nobody else, provide ACTIONABLE advice your group can instantly use, and make your group laugh with his wit and HUMOR.

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  • Utah, United States


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A highly sought-after author, speaker, and business coach, Dave Crenshaw is the master of helping business owners conquer chaos.

The irony of Dave's mission is that he considers himself very chaotic and inherently unfocused. In fact, he was once diagnosed by a clinical psychologist as "off the charts ADHD." Dave took that diagnosis as a personal challenge, and developed simple systems that fast-paced small business leaders worldwide now utilize to improve focus, structure, and stability.

Dave Crenshaw's humorous and entertaining approach always hits the mark with audiences. His speeches are described as dynamic and life-changing. He also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including Time magazine, FastCompany, The Washington Post and the BBC News. However, Dave is most proud of being quoted by Chuck Norris in The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book.

Dave's first book, The Myth of Multitasking: How "Doing It All" Gets Nothing Done, is a time management bestseller available in many languages worldwide. His most recent book, The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos, is also a small business best seller. Dave's courses on websites such as are also among the world's most widely-viewed online training.

He is the founder of Invaluable Inc., a coaching and training corporation that has helped transform thousands of businesses around the world.
Dave lives in the shadow of Utah's Rocky Mountains with his wife and children.

Most Requested Programs
  • THE MYTH OF MULTITASKING: Increase Your Value with the Power of Hidden Time

    educational / informative inspirational / life-changing audience activity humorous / funny technical / specific

  • THE FOCUSED BUSINESS: How Business Owners Can Triumph Over Chaos

    educational / informative inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny audience activity

  • INVALUABLE: How Focus Can Help You Improve Your Job Security and Earn a Raise (for Managers and Empl

    educational / informative inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny audience activity

  • SAM: How to Quickly Resolve Absolutely Any Problem in Your Small Business

    educational / informative inspirational / life-changing audience activity humorous / funny

  • THE FOCUSED MARKETER: Attract the Customers You Want-Repel the Ones You Don't!

    educational / informative technical / specific audience activity humorous / funny

I've produced some extraordinary events with speakers such as the Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson. Dave Crenshaw's message, his passion, his commitment to his clients is unlike any we've ever seen before. He was without a doubt one of the biggest hits today.

K.A. SimpleWealth , Partner

I hired Dave Crenshaw to address three hundred entrepreneurs from across the globe on the Myths of Multi-tasking. Dave has a simple and yet important message which he delivers in a fun, light and entertaining way. I’d not hesitate to re-hire or ecommend him to others.

D.N. Guidant Financial , Cofounder & CEO

Dave did a phenomenal job ... high integrity, tremendous content. If you're considering hiring Dave for an event I highly, highly recommend it. He went above and beyond.

R.R. Technology Marketing Toolkit , President

I was blown away. I love his wisdom, I love his humor, I love his clarity, I love his examples and I'm a fan. I'm a raving fan. Dave's the man.

R.A. The Raymond Aaron Group , Author and Speaker

I had Dave Crenshaw come to one of my events and speak to about four hundred of my members. Since that first event I've hired Dave again to come and do another session for my people because they just can't get enough of him. Book him before someone else does.

S.B. Successful Studio Strategies , Owner

You simply can't go wrong by having Dave Crenshaw present at your meeting.
He's professional.
He's personable
He engages the audience.
His material is absolutely outstanding.
We will have him back.

G.A. Crown Council , Managing Director

Over the years at SANG we have had some amazing speakers share the stage like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Guy Kawasaki, David Allen, and I can honestly say that some of the things that Dave shared with our group has been some of the most impactful. Dave's message is important and his delivery is powerful. You will be glad you hired Dave Crenshaw, I certainly was.

L.B. , Chief Connect of SANG and the author of "Connection Currency"

Dave is clever, witty and relevant to these times. He speaks effectively and delvers an engaging presentation evidenced by an enthralled audience that did not stir. I recommend him to help increase your productivity. Simple but effective.

M.R. Business Accelerator, LLC , Managing Director and Co Founder

Dave's material and presentation are top notch. I highly recommend Dave as a speaker/presenter to any group or organization.

T.B. IntegraCore, Conduit, Health Connect , Owner

Dave's ability to help companies and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential is simply excellent. Dave spoke in Ghana at The Vodafone African Leadership Seminar and I must say I was humbled to part of his presentation in Ghana.

D.P.J.. Pap Oil services, Ghana , Founder/ CEO

Weeks after LTB 2014, having heard the overwhelmingly positive feedback of so many
attendees, we can say this with certainty: we made the right choice.

Your keynote presentation added a sense of insight and sagacity to the entire conference.
Most impressively, you managed to deliver a relatable message to such a diverse audience.
With upwards of 800 attendees, LTB 2014 guests ran the gamut from budding entrepreneurs to established business owners to successful professionals. Because of the overarching relevance of your core message - and the emotional impact of your personal stories - you successfully connected with each person and encouraged them to apply your advice to their unique business challenges.

More than a typical corporate keynote presentation, you really took us on a journey. Your
dynamic presentation was interactive, entertaining, and allowed LTB 2014 attendees to
walk away with tangible lessons.

M.H. Ptex Group , President

Dave is an awesome speaker who is able to connect with the audience in a unique way. Everyone left with a new perspective on what productivity really means. It is rare to leave a session with this many concrete steps to improve your business and your life.

G.P. TruMethods, LLC , President

I first heard Dave Crenshaw speak in the spring of 2012. As I listened, watched the audience, and realized that what he was saying could actually change both my life and my business, it began one of the great periods of real discovery for me. As a full-time Entertainer to that point in my life I was working overtime, allowing "The Jumbler", "Ms. Opportunity", and "The Gorillas" in my life to control my business and ultimately effect my existence to the point of mass chaos. Hearing Dave speak helped me recommit to what was most important: Family, My Personal Mission, and valuing my precious Time. I have since changed my entire career to become an Author, Speaker, and rid myself of the past distractions that held me back from a greater goal, which has changed our lifestyle as a family, afforded me more time to be my best while doing my best, and I can attribute a very generous amount back to the first time I heard Dave Crenshaw speak. I would say Dave's as significant and Invaluable as any Speaker in the world today and I thank him for helping change my life. I recommend Dave Crenshaw whole-heartedly and am his advocate for any speaker presentation.

J.H. JH Entertainment , Owner

Dave Crenshaw provided two very informative and entertaining seminars for our guests. He provides real life scenarios, great concepts that can be applied in all industries, and he brings humor and candor to the discussion.

J.S. KeyBank , Senior Vice President

I have hired Dave to speak to my group and seen him speak multiple times. He is an outstanding speaker. Dave helped free up at least thirty percent of my time. He radically advanced my organization and career.

J.A.C. Total Dental Administrators , CEO

I had the opportunity to attend one of Dave's workshops. He was specific in actions to take and not filled with fluff like so many other workshops I've attended. He gave me hope that I to with a little effort can become effective in my day to day activities.


Dave is an incredibly multi talented, dynamic and compelling individual. His take on topics such as multitasking was 'invaluable'!

I invited Dave to share his expertise at our annual Behind Every Leader event, and needless to say, I hope he will be a part of our stellar lineup for years to come.

His breadth of knowledge and abundant skill set has been utilized by a global audience of CEO's and Admin professionals.

BEL Feedback:

"I'd love to see Dave again! His segment 'The myth of multitasking' was superb. I really liked the concept of 'switch-tasking' vs. 'background tasking', thought provoking"

"Dave has made me rethink everything I once believed was time efficiency at its best! Priceless."

V.L.R. Executive Assistants Organization (EAO) , CEO/Founder

Dave demonstrated why he is such an in-demand speaker and expert. He is practical, candid and avoids "consultant speak" while seriously impacting how we do our work.

W.T. , Virtual and Remote Teams Expert

Our meeting attendee survey proved him to be the top rated speaker ... Dave's presentation was inter-active, provided great solutions and really made people think about the positive changes they could make.

D.N. KFSA , Event Coordinator

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