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Topics: : Consumer Trends,: Technology,: Forecasting Processes & Systems,: Innovation

Industry specialties: Education, General Interest: clients across all sectors: cross-pollinator

Travels from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Marcel Bullinga

Futurist & Trendwatcher. Keynote speaker & Chairman. Trends&Future Trainer. In his presentation, Marcel rushes through 10 questions about the Future. Last Q: "Are You Futureproof?&quo


  • Consumer Trends
  • Technology
  • Forecasting Processes & Systems
  • Innovation
  • Trends Blending: Horizon Scanning: issue convergence
  • Business Growth

Travels From

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Futurist & Trendwatcher. Keynote speaker & Chairman. Trainer in futureproof education.

In his presentation, Marcel rushes through 10 questions about the Future. Last Q: "Are You Futureproof?"

In the past 15 years, Marcel has given hundreds of presentations and chaired national and international meetings  for renowned clients. Actual highlights? The future of money in London for bank-CIO's. The future of food in Berlin. The future of offices in Amsterdam. The Best Library of Holland. The future of Healthcare. From the inventors at the DSM Innovation Awards to the entrepreneurs at the Masters of LXRY Fair (former Millionaire Fair).

As chairman or talkshow host Marcel energizes congresses with speed and ontopic humor. He interviews guests onstage with great energy and collects the answers from the crowd.  He also  gives future coaching and teaches you how to give an excellent presentation (for both teams and individual professionals).

Last but not least Marcel presents, together with London mindreader Jamie Raven, a splashy duoshow about  future trends with psychology and humour: Can you predict the future? Yes you can! In the future,  doing business, making decisions and learning will become a game. The show itself is a game. About using your intuition, educated guesses and future skills. You will leave the room with a big smile...

The future: economy of abundance Out of chaos we create new circles of trust. The virtual world creates an economy of abundance. And we are in charge! Our home is a mix of  Disney park, office, energyplant, amateur hotel and mini factory. We already turned into journalist, DJ and photographeer, now we also become city farmer and factory laborer. We know everything, we are more powerful, and we tame the time.
Of course, the future is sustainable, cooperative and transparant, but above all it's much cheaper! Free education, ssmatrt cities and printed food. Our new collegeaues (robots and 3D-printers) give dying crafts a sexy boost and prevent the outsourcing to low wage countries. Buring question from our children: "Are you better than a robot?"

Trending Topics The New Working. Real Estate 3.0. Health 2.0. 3DPrint Capital of the World. MediaCoaches. Social Media Stress. Singularity. 100% Transparant Company. Social Money. Social Shopping. FoodPrinting. Living Buildings. Social Innovation. 3rd Industrial Revolution. Crossover. InteractionDesign. Personal Dashboard. User centered Privacy. Selfdrive Cars. Mobility As a Service. Slow Cities. Office As a Service. Cloud 2.0

Dear Marcel, this morning you left behind a very enthusiastic crowd. Untill lunch time your story was trending topic!" "We enjoyed your presentation very much. It was a very diverse group of more than 20 nationalities, but you met or even exceeded our expectations" "Splashy ourlook 2013"

Marcel Bullinga is author of Welcome to the Future Cloud - 2025 in 100 Predictions. he is a member of several international thinktanks: @trendrede (NL trendwatchers), Academy for Media Literacy (NL), Techcast (US), ShapingTomorrow (UK), World Future Society (US), Singularity Hub (US)

Photo by Levin den Boer -

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